It’s time! Your water broke, you can feel the contractions, and your baby is ready to enter the world! Your excitement is building up, you give the hospital a call, and start heading out…only to realize you forgot your phone…oh and robe would be nice…and wait, the car seat! There’s a lot to remember for the day you go into labor. The best option is to have everything prepared ahead of time. Here is a list of all the things you’ll likely need for the big day.

Moms- What to bring:

Robe & Slippers: Although the hospital will usually provide a gown, sometimes it’s more comforting to walk with a robe over. Hospitals can be cold and wearing layers and comfortable shoes can be helpful. Also, bring sandals to wear in the shower.

Music Playlist: You can actually just have this on your phone. Being in labor can be a long process for some, and you may get bored or anxious waiting for your baby to welcome the world, so music can help you relax. Even an upbeat playlist can be entertaining and distract you from contractions.

Maternity underwear: Let’s face it, giving birth is messy. You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary garments after giving birth. Maternity underwear is the most comfortable option after giving birth. You’ll also want to bring some extra sanitary pads in case you don’t like the ones provided by the hospital.

Nursing Bras and pads: Nursing bras and breast pads will be necessary after giving birth because milk can come in anytime after giving birth. You’ll also want to bring nipple cream in the chance that they become chapped from breastfeeding.

Extra outfit: Bring an extra outfit for the way home. Although you’ll no longer be pregnant, you’ll still look a bit like it, so be sure to pack roomy clothes. 

Co Parents- What to bring:

Important documents: Driver’s license, hospital paperwork, and any medical information should be packed. Although the hospital should have this, it’s ideal to have your own copy in case information is needed right away.

Snacks: The average labor is between 8-12 hours. You and your wife are sure to get hungry and sometimes hospital food just won’t satisfy her pregnancy cravings.

Camera: Make sure to take your camera or phone to take lots of photos of one of the most memorable days of your life!

Installed car seat: Maybe you did this beforehand- you’re ahead of the game! We added it because it can be easy to forget and it’s one of the most important pieces for getting your baby back home.

Older brother or sister gifts: If this isn’t your first child, it’s recommended to give your other child (or children) a little gift. Since the day will be all about the birth of your new child, make sure to let them know that they are part of this experience and to congratulate them on their new role as a big brother or big sister.

For the baby:

Diapers and clothes: Hope for the best, plan for the worst right? Make sure to bring extra diapers and clothes in the small chance that you’re at the hospital longer than intended.

Swaddle Blanket: Usually, the hospital will provide this, but it’s better to bring an extra fleece blanket especially for colder months.