Once upon a time, there was a handsome cowboy named Thomas, who fell in love with Daniela, a beautiful cowgirl. He had to complete a number of dangerous tasks, tame horses and ride through the entire country in order to win her love! And he did! So, they got married and Daniela gave birth to a beautiful baby.
Their fairy tale story probably reminds you of your own.

Thomas and Daniela wanted the best for their little angel. But all the baby products they could find were either way too flimsy or way too expensive. “There must be a better way” said Thomas. “There is!” replied Daniela. “Let’s design our own products!”

Minky Mooh Was Born!

Thomas and Daniela, being parents themselves, know exactly what you’re looking for when choosing a baby product. You want your little angel to have the safest, most durable, cosiest & most adorable product. And Minky Mooh is your brand of choice.

Thomas went on an epic search to find the most convincing and sustainable suppliers and materials, while Daniela and their baby took over the product design! And together they have managed to create a ground-breaking brand that is not only baby but also parent-oriented!

Made By A Loving Family For All Loving Families!

When Thomas and Daniela heard about UNICEF’s “Send Children Back To School” project, they wanted to support.
That’s why they have decided to offer one school supply set to children in need for every 25 Minky Mooh products sold.
Thank you for supporting this project with your purchase.

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