About the Baby Pillow Set

You can worry less while baby sleeps better!

Minky Mooh’s soft & comfy Baby Flat Head Pillow is designed to prevent the growing concern over Plagiocephaly. This is when a baby develops a flat surface somewhere on their skull. Their head and bones are developing as a baby and in turn, the tissue is very delicate. Although Plagiocephaly does not compromise brain development, it causes facial asymmetry.


Doctors say that the best position for babies to lay down, is on their back. This improves breathing during their sleep and can help prevent all of our worst nightmare, SIDS. However, laying your baby on their back is also what can lead to Flat Head Syndrome. We designed this pillow so that your baby can lay in the recommended and healthy sleeping position while avoiding Flat Head Syndrome. With Minky Mooh’s pillow set, your baby can enjoy a soothing night’s sleep on their back with our ergonomically designed plagiocephaly newborn pillow. The pillow is 100% certified organic and hypoallergenic. Mom & Dad can worry less while your baby sleeps more.

Features of the Baby Pillow

Our Minky Mooh soft & comfy Baby Flat Head Pillow comes with the following features:


Here are a few features that set the Minky Mooh Baby Pillow apart from others:

Larger Pillow in order to prevent roll off and offer more stable support.
Softer Material
 by utilizing only 100% organic cotton and memory foam filling.
More comfort with the breathable cotton material and soft texture
Safer due to its ergonomic design which will help prevent flat head syndrome
Healthier since our baby pillow is hypoallergenic, skin-safe and contains no chemicals, GMO’s or pesticides and herbicides.

This pillow is an absolute tried and tested. We are sharing this to you because we know you need it. Sharing is caring. And we’d like to share more qualities of this adorable and life-saver pillow.

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UNPARALLELED COMFORT & SUPPORT – your newborn will enjoy relaxing and soothing naps

MOM-APPROVED DESIGN – washing it is a breeze, since all you have to do is remove the cover and wash it at 30°C

BONUS GIFTS & LUXURIOUS PACKAGING – our baby pillow comes with 2 EXTRA organic cotton pillowcases in a deluxe package, ready to make every new mommy happy!

We are confident with our products for it has been made with quality materials.
As much as we prioritize the safety of our children, we respect and value each cent being spent on our products.
We are offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction of our products.
Simply contact us and return the unused item within 30 days.