There are a lot of things to be thankful for. We are alive, we have food on our table, and there are times that we got the things we really want. But, have you seen a child on the street begging for food? Or a kid working on their early age striving for life? Have you ever thought that these kids should be in school, or studying at home and not in the street? I guess you felt that, too.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

UNICEF’s core mission is to save and help children in giving the education and helping their families, too. Every child deserves the best and each child has the right to learn. Children deserve a fair chance in the world.

We have stumbled in UNICEF’s Back-To-School Program. The campaign aimed to enroll 700,000 children to primary and school and then by 2007, all school-aged children. UNICEF provides educational supplies, learning materials, training for teachers, seminar or public awareness campaigns to parents. These awareness campaigns aim to open parents’ minds that education is necessary and important to kids as well as encourage them to send their children to school, especially girls for there are countries that have no gender equality.

The campaign became a success and is successful as it goes by. More children have been enrolled, thousands of classrooms have been equipped and more teachers have been trained.  But of course, there are still lots of children need help in the aspects of poverty and education.

That is why Minky Mooh committed to being part of this campaign. We want these kids to have a fair chance to get the education, help and support they need. For every 25 Minky Mooh units sold, we are donating a school kit for one child. It consists of chalk, chalkboard, exercise book, rubber, pencil, sharpener, school bag, ruler, scissors. For every 40 students reached, we add a classroom kit consisting of 1 inflatable globe, radio, clock, blackboard paint and brush.

We are aiming to provide school kits for a minimum of 1000 children by the end of 2018!

These children do need our help. We may not have a lot, but a little help can cause a difference.
Let us give them the chance to live and the chance to have an education.
This can surely change and help them in the future.

Let us spread smiles to children, not just with ours, but to the world, too.